Quail Ridge P.O.A

The Quail Ridge

Property Owners Association

The Next Meeting
March 16

The Next Annual Meeting
Tuesday, January 19, 2021

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Carolina Water Service
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Please review and understand the Covenants & By-Laws.
Adherence to the Covenants is mandatory.
Thank-you - The 2018 POA Board of Directors


Quail Ridge is a Preferred Corporate Client with
Comfort First Heating & Cooling.
Comfort First will offer the following discounts to
Quail Ridge homeowners.

*20% Savings on ALL repairs
*15% Savings on ALL System Replacements
*20% Savings on ALL Indoor Air Quality
*10% Savings on Annual "EPA" Agreements

*These discounts cannot be combined with any other offers 

Please contact Beth Howard @ 919-777-1777

for your heating and cooling needs.  
You must tell her you are a Quail Ridge homeowner.


Signs & Yards

All property owners – please review these 2 notes regarding the type of signs that are acceptable and the expected acceptable condition of your yards.

Article 5 – Uses Permitted and Prohibited
Signs – no sign of any kind whatsoever shall be erected or displayed or otherwise exposed to view on any lot without the prior written approval of the Committee, except for the usual real estate “For Sale” or “For Rent”signs.

Maintenance of Property. Each owner of a lot used for a residence or yard shall keep said lot free of tall grass, undergrowth, dead trees, trash and rubbish, and all such lots shall be planted with grass or other ground cover, and properly maintained so as to present an attractive appearance. The exterior of all buildings or other above ground structures shall be maintained in a neat and attractive condition by the owner. In the event the owner of such lot does not comply with the provisions in the opinion of the Committee, then the Committee may have the required work done and the cost incurred shall be levied on the owner as a special assessment.

Quail Ridge POA

P.O. Box 814
Sanford, NC. 27331

Please clean up after your pet
While you’re walking on the golf course.
Thank you

Nick Gaster
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