Quail Ridge P.O.A

Quail Ridge POA Annual Meeting Minutes
January 21, 2020

Board in attendance: Jordan Allred, Martin Bryant, Maggie Cranford, Diane Dowd, Jonathan Hilliard, John Kelly, Wanda Morin, Arianna Thompson

The meeting was opened by Johnathan at 7:05PM. A total of 23 POA members were in attendance including the board members.

The Annual Meeting started with a presentation made by Lib Kelly Smith, majority owner of the Golf Club at Quail Ridge. Discussion followed with the issue of golfers going into property owners yards. The Golf Club will make up signs to be posted on holes #1 and 10. Any property owner can also request a sign for in front of their property and the Golf Club will put it up. These signs will be made up once verbiage has been agreed upon. Lib also requested any property owner who sees infractions of any kind by golfers to call the clubhouse.

In accordance with the Bylaws there are 5 main points to an Annual Meeting, Jonathan started with:

Review Major Events of 2019

  1. 1. A review of Lark Lane regarding the issue of lack of water access. A change to the bylaw not allowing wells in our community was finally approved by property owners to allow wells on Lark Lane properties without access to public water. If we need to change any other bylaw, we know the process better and should be able to proceed without a lawyer which will considerably cut down on expenses.
  2. 2. Maggie reported on our one social activity 'The National Night Out' that happened in August had good numbers for the turnout. The Easter event had about 20 children attend and was very well received. We have had 6 new families join our community and all have received a welcome basket and news regarding our community.
  3. 3. Architectural: there were 3 fence applications as well as 2 storage units and a new home application in 2019. All were approved as all were in compliance with our covenants and bylaws.
  4. 4. Jordan passed out the Financial Summary for members to review. It included our budget for 2019 as well as a proposed budget for 2020.
  5. 5. The only outstanding issue regarding Roads is paving of the Mockingbird Extension, which we hope to accomplish without any additional assessment outside of our annual dues.
  6. 6. Leo went over issues we have had regarding the maintenance of our website, with Jonathan, Leo has obtained our new customer number, password and pin. We have another 2.5 years on our domain name. The plan is to have this account maintained by a POA member in an effort to have a quicker response to our issues.

Financial summary of the past year
Jordan reviewed our spending for 2019.

Statement of the current financial position
  1. 1. Jordan gave out expenditure copies showing we have $13,752.59 in the checking account at this time.
    1. 2. Discussion came up from attending property owners regarding legal fees that were generated by the water issue on Lark Lane of $1,838.00. As stated previously, we hope that we don't have this issue in any future changes to our covenants and bylaws.

Proposed financial budget for the next year
  1. 1. Jordan briefly reviewed the Proposed Budget for 2020. The new Board will discuss and vote on the proposed 2020 budget.

Slate of candidates for election as directors
  1. 1. The QR POA by-laws allows for 7 to 11 members. With only 6 meetings a year and such a small board, attendance is critical. Candidates running for a second term were Martin Bryant and Jonathan Hilliard. Both candidates were elected.
  2. 2. Jonathan brought up that if anyone else is interested to please let the board know as it is better for our community to have more board members.

It is still important that every property owner fully understands that the new owners must make a profit or we will again be faced with the closing of the golf course.

The next Annual Meeting will be held, Tuesday, January 19, 2021. As there was no further business, the meeting was adjourned so that the regular 2020 meeting could occur.

Remaining Meetings for 2020: March 16
May 18
July 20
September 21
November 16
Wanda Morin, secretary.